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Why We Are a Fraction of the Price of Car Dealership Repair Shops



When it comes to getting your car worked on, mechanics tend to charge a premium for their services. In addition to the cost of labor, you must pay for the parts, and the bill can quickly skyrocket far beyond your budget. These problems are only exacerbated in you happen to drive a European model. Finding affordable car repair in Katy, TX for your Porsche or Audi might seem like a long shot, but it’s the primary focus at C & B European. You will receive tailored import car service at a fraction of the cost a dealership would charge. This is how C & B European keeps import auto repair affordable for all.

Prioritizing People Above Profits

Many auto repair shops make the mistake of treating each customer like little more than an invoice to be delivered, which is a regrettable way to do business. Costs are kept low and a wider customer base in gained by dealing with each client individually and providing the import auto repair they need. This is the approach at the center of C & B European’s business, and it has made the shop one of the most affordable and well-respected sources for auto repair in Katy, TX.

Providing a Range of Service

C & B European specializes in the repair, maintenance and general service of European automobiles. Some of the makes typically serviced include the following:

Within this field of specialization, you can receive nearly any auto repair service you need. Focusing on European manufacturers allows the shop to keep the parts that are often needed in stock and cut costs for customers. Taking your Mercedes or Lexus to a general mechanic for car repair in Katy, TX will likely involve more service time due to less expertise and higher costs for parts.

Avoiding Dealership Markups

In addition to the ability to offer service and parts at more affordable prices, a mechanic who specializes in European cars will almost always be more affordable than receiving service at a dealership. It is a known fact that dealerships charge more for their services, but they often do so under the pretense of providing more specialized service and higher quality repairs. This is not the case, however, when you go to an import auto repair shop and receive service from a team of experts. There’s no need to pay more for auto repair. Avoid the dealership markup and let professionals care for your car.

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